Which is the most appropriate interior design for my house?

But when it comes in choosing the interior design styles factors are to consider.Hence each interior design expert in Dubai help determine

          Popularity in features of modern interior design has more than tripled from 2019 to 2020. In fact, Statista reports that the top-rated home decor style of 2020 in the United Emirates Arabic. we are now in a age of modernity, where every person want to have an out-sanding house whether expensive or not. and for this, you  will need an interior designer.

Hence each interior design expert in Dubai  help determine the appropriate style and concept of interior base on the clients customs.

 But when it comes in choosing the interior design styles factors are to consider.

1. Modern interior design style.

This interior style is a minimalism, color palette, clean lines or natural material and light. if your life style is;

  • Environmental friendly

  • Your conform table with natural  materials and elements.

  • You like simple, clean lines,and simplistic furniture like a table made up of wooden complete with an chemical mix to it. 

This features are what define a modern interior design is best for you 

2. Contemporary interior design

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Contemporary interior style is similar to modern interior design but it material are vivid and not natural. Here the usually of steel, wood, glass is evident if you like;

  • Blend materials and textures

  • Simple shapes and crisp lines

  • Vivid or clever use of color

  • Open to design that is spaciousness in your home.

  • Then contemporary is your best friend. 

3. Classic interior design

classic interior design bidcont

           This interior design is timeless as it follow rules of order, symmetry and balance. class interior are mostly common in Europe. classic  interior design uses materials like sculpture, velvet, silk and cotton fabrics, marble , fire places, den tic molding, columns. being lively with historical architect and nature of building. class interior will become your best friends.

4. Industrial interior design

Are you industrious, if your comfortable getting industrial sounds and busy atmostphere. then interior design is best for your , it has 

  • Daring brick walls

  • Concrete walls

  • Earth tone colors

  • Radiating light fixtures

  • Wood and mutual combo

  • Concrete light fixtures 

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