Interior Designers make small Living Rooms Look Bigger? let’s see how

mall living rooms can look comfortable – and expensive, if done right. But often they come off looking cramped . Perfecting the former look takes some doing, in terms of understanding

Small living room interior design can look comfortable – and expensive if done right. But often, they come off looking cramped. Perfecting the former look takes some doing to understand how to play with color schemes, scale down (or up) furniture and use light to optimal effect. Here is ten interior designers’ idea to prove to make your small room space a bigger one. you can still check to have a wilder knowledge of how interior design work

1. The color tricks

White mirrors maximum light and can make any space look bright, welcoming, and large. It adds shine to a spot, still of the weather outside, and improves description. You can still decide to add crystalline colors to make it looks cheery and bright even with the drapes closed. Apart from using any other color except white, it would help if you thought of lighter different colors, like sky blue and white.

bidcont room space

2. Choose small-scale furniture

Your furniture should be proportionate to the space and a bit lighter in weight. Avoid heavyweight pieces that eat up space. The table in this image is the antithesis of full-sized sofas and bulky armchairs.

living room interior design

3. Low house accessories

Furniture closer to the ground creates a feeling of openness simply because there is more room above it. Similarly, it helps to raise your sofas and wideness to generate a sense of light and space. Your living room interior design becomes more lively.

living room interior design

4. Drape or Curtains

curtain- bidcont

Drapes with a subtle color should be appropriate. Hang higher from 6 to 5 inches from the ceiling, which gives the impression of the room being bigger and higher. If curtains are a must, keep them the same color as the walls – sticking to the same color throughout makes a space look bigger. Avoid heavy textiles that can consider your room down by exciting light.

5. Merge the top of the walls with the ceiling

Paint cornices and coving the same color as the ceiling, making the space feel bigger and broader. In the absence of moldings, paint about 8 to 10 inches of tops of the walls the same as the ceiling. Even with dark walls, this trick makes the roof look higher, and the room appears more prominent. The living room interior design portrays a more uniform look.


6. Maintain a balance

If introducing bright colors, keep the furniture lines minimal and balance them out with lighter pieces in the rest of the room. A balanced color scheme and minimal furniture make this living room seem more accommodating and welcoming.

7. Use natural light

Natural light is the best kind of light to liven up a room. It plays a significant role in our spatial perception. It lights up all crossroads of a room, permitting us to see more of the space, thus completing it look more open and expansive.

living room interior design


8. Multifunction furniture

This furniture plays an important role when managing space due to its multi-functions, like a coffee table with a table beneath it and a chair becomes a bed. This furniture gives clear space and removes the idea of having a small room.



9. White it out

White reflects the most incredible light and can make any space look bright, welcoming, and large. It adds shine to a spot despite the weather outside and enhances brightness. The crispness of the color adds to a space’s decluttered look. Note how this living room corner looks cheery and bright, even with closed drapes. 

10. Introduce stripes

Stripes, as in clothing, make a room appear elongated. Make sure to orient the lines along the room’s length for maximum effect.

stripes - bidcont .ae living room interior design