Get Ideas For Your Floor Design Styles

            you  have just finished your wall and ceiling. what’s next is your floor design. but the question is, which design will suit for they are endless floor style  out there and it is easy to get lost.  floor is one of the  most important parts of your house.some people think that the floor is not something important but trust me.  When someone enter your house the second things he/she sees is your floor .Before  choosing what is best for you, we are going to examine the various  floor design to know which style suit your personality and lifestyle.

1. Wooden Panel Floor

Bidcont. ae- floor style

  Wooden panels are divided in tom 2 types either natural wood or fabric wooden panels. this floor look simple, original, and classy. If you have a modern interior, then the wooden floor design  suit you. Wooden panel are identical but numerous in differences and texture.

2. Intricate Pattern Floor intricate floor style

Floor always  have patterns. Tiles makes your imagination goes wide. Rather than wood, you can use tiles which have different dimension. It blossom with attractive when it portray reflection and intricate when pattern are drawn in a mysterious way. There isn’t any particular interior design for this floor design. since it improve portray of any interior design.

3. Tiles and Stones Floor

Tiles and stones- bidcont .ae -floor style

Tiles of such nature doesn’t portray reflection but bring an ancient atmosphere to live. such floors are great for porches, balconies and even bathrooms. They make you feel closer to nature. 

4. Triangles panel Floor

floor style -

This floor is famous for it’s pattern which form a zinc-zag line . This floor material can either be wooden or tiles. Such special arrangement of wooden panel or laminate will make your floor look 3D and visually increase the room size. If going for this design, then get your wooden panel polished. 

5. Wood Mix Floor

bidcont. ae- woodmix- floorstyle

Wood panel are used to came out with complex structure like a star shape, diamond shape,etc. Mixing different wood types when coming up with a floor design will help you make a real statement. 

6. Matching Laminate Floor flooring style

This are man-made wood in every texture. Make your laminate match your furniture and doors, This way your room will make an aesthetically appealing impression.

7. Black Ripples Floor

black ripper- floorstyle

Be careful with ripple designs. While looking quite impressive, they can be very irritating to the eyes.

8. Large patterns Floor large - pattern

Large patterns in the middle of the room will make your floor really stand out.

9. Carpet Design Floor

carpet design-

Tiles that form a carpet design are a great way to diversify your room décor.

10. Small Tiles Floor

small tiles- floorstyle-

Small tiles are great for small bathrooms and kitchens.

11. 3 D Hardwood Designs Floor

3 D designs are easily achieved with patterns painted on the hardwood floors.

12. Centerpiece Floor

Creating a centerpiece floor design will brighten up any room in your house.

13. White and yellow Floor


White and yellow tile combination looks great in a kitchen.

14. Mind Boggling Splashes Floor

Such design can really brighten up your room. If your still confuse on how you will start your floor design. Get in touch with our interior designers experts and approval click the link;

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