when it comes to floor option , color plays an important role. Combing the wall , ceiling will be the

Flooring option that suit your interior design

            when it comes to floor option , color plays an important role. Combing the wall , ceiling will be the back drop and it add importance when commenting details.

This is not an easy process and home owners take a lot of time to  make the final decision . As an interior designer, we here to give you tips on flooring selection that will suit your interior. If your interest to find this flooring products check https://www.cleaf.it/en/prodotti/pannelli/

1. Define your style

 You define  the appears and aesthetic. This is important because each style has its different texture, color and materials define its space. This enables us to start finding colors, styles, available according to our budget for example , If you love a rustic or industrial style it will be perfect to select a floor in raw material and textures by concrete or rustic dark wood. On the other hand if you love minimalism or Scandinavian style a more clean and light color will be great. so what floor option suit your ? get inspire and define your interior style.Check 

2. Color palette.

By defining your color palette for it show works and compliment of their floor .  No forgetting the context of your room for especially . If your doing renovation and you must define your furniture already. Before selecting your flooring, you must always have a good idea on colors palette in place (that is knowing general color and texture use for furniture, plaint and accessorizes’).This allow you to arrow your flooring color selection color option down to a final conclusion.

3. Lighting

By having some sample  plywood or particleboard sample, you can easily  compare them to home. Compare the color in the morning ,noon,  night and artificial light make sure that you suitable with its portray. Lighting plays a great impact for example, if your room don’t have enough natural lighting , using a flooring color that reflects is best for illumination. Do the reserve if your room illuminate to create a sense of dream . Always keep in mind the interior design your looking for. check https://www.egger.com/shop/en_AE/   and order your sample.

4. Size of the Room

Hight ceiling, large window and walls naturally makes room appear larger than what is released lighter color fluorine will have the same effect. for example choosing the same coloring is a great way to make your upper home look bigger. This shows the feeling of uniformity  that this option gives make your home seem like it has wider atmostphere. 

5. Functionally

Always think of the function of each space. Even more  because there’s a lot of different choices to be used. Flooring that doesn’t suit your taste doesn’t mean that one is better than the other . But one type of flooring might be better than the other. Depending on the activities you will be doing in the space. For example, you have a dog, children and this will determine the style and affordability for your lifestyle  and condition. You will want to check our services page to carry out flooring services. Our interior design team and architect designer will fulfill your desires. Flooring


 Some materials may be more solid for more traffic areas while others would just be the right choice. some are water resist like mahogany  or oak wood. which are perfect to be used in the kitchen or laundry space. So at the time of selecting your floor option, keep in mind, humidity, cost of maintenance, installation, wear and tear, how to keep it clean and cost of raw materials.