How Restaurant Space really matters when designing interiors

Every other establishment in the F&B industry competes with each other using location, prices, and promotions. Very little take the win from the margin of their interior design.

 Most people do not know this, but the restaurant space interior design impacts customer psychology prompts them to order more or less, and even impacts the duration of their stay in the restaurant. Seating options, light, music, and architecture, all constitute a restaurant’s interior design. Here is how your customer’s psychology will be influenced by using interior design in restaurants. other restaurant brilliant ideas that you can use at the outlet.

When designing a restaurant space, you take into consideration the essential part of your restaurant marketing strategy. Your interior design is the first thing that your customer will notice as he/she walks through the doors. This first impression will dictate how they perceive your brand. What level of service do they expect. what kind of time they anticipate, and if they want to come back again. Here are some reasons why restaurant interior design is so important:

  • Restaurant Interior design in restaurants is crucial to the branding strategy. The way a restaurant looks impacts how the customers perceive the restaurant concept and if they consider it a good enough place to eat at.
  • Shabby or very bright interiors will form a negative impression on the customers. Potentially make them leave even before they eat. An ideal restaurant interior idea would be to use natural light to its fullest making sure your place is more Instagrammable.
  • In the age of Instagram, interior design is your restaurant’s silent salesman. Everybody wants to post where they have been all day. If your restaurant looks Instagramable, it will make it to your customer’s feed and entice their entire follower list.
  • Good interior design means marketable interior design. You can use your interior design for marketing your restaurant to your target customers. If there is something unique about your interiors, make it public. People love to think that they are a part of something unique and would flock to your restaurant.
  • Most importantly, interior design in restaurants impacts customer psychology. You can make your customers order more, eat fast, drink more, stay less, etc. all using interior restaurant ideas.

Now let’s see why interior design in restaurants is so important. We come to the Impact of Interior Design on Customer Experience and Customer Psychology. To understand how six elements of interior design in restaurants can impact customer experience in such a significant manner,

Restaurant space element and how it’s impacting your customers

We will discuss all these elements and their impact on customer psychology and satisfaction.

1. Architecture And Design:

Being an essential role, designing the inside of your restaurant and placing all your elements plays an integral role in defining the look and the feel of your restaurant. It also has an influence on customer experience because it includes planning the layout of your restaurant.

How spacious your restaurant will feel. how claustrophobic it will get during rush hours, and how comfortable it will be to walk around without bumping into people or crashing into tables. So all of this is dependent on the restaurant layout.

2. Lighting

Lighting is essential for it doesn’t make sense to have everything perfectly put in place but the light is so off. Technically, there are 3 types of lighting Ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting.

Ambient lighting provides overall illumination and is meant to create a general and uniform lighting level.

Task lighting is lighting that lights a particular area and makes the completion of a task easier as opposed to ambient.

Accent lights are lights used for that extra touch but mostly decorative purposes. There you can experiment with it, but most wall lighting in this area is received better than overhead lighting. You can use these lights to reinforce the colors of your brand as well, but don’t overdo it, or else it will kill the purpose. As a restaurant owner and not an interior designer, you may feel that all these lights are just the same. True, there is not much of a difference between the three for the untrained eye, but if misused, the result can be nightmarish.

3. Seating

The types of seats will determine the reaction of customers and experience as well. Ever notice how QSRs like Mc Donald and Subway have seats that are comfortable but not exactly the type you want to keep sitting on. But this gives the customer a light feeling pushing customers to be a fast eaters. on the other hand, Starbucks has comfortable seats, recliners, and sofas that are heavy, and cushioned. this prompts customers to stay longer and keep ordering.

4. Colors

Believe it or not, colors have a huge role in restaurant interior design. what impacts the colors in your restaurant are your clientele. Different color triggers different emotion and set different moods. Some colors stimulate diet. e.g red and orange are considered potent stimulants. This is why a lot of restaurants try to use red in their interior.

5. Scent

scent marketing is a thing think about the first impression you will have if you enter a restaurant that has an appetite scent. so make sure you include it in your restaurant interior design. In fact, according to the University of Paderborn, scents increased impulse buying by 6%, buying intention by 14.8%, and the length of a customer’s stay by 15.9%. The scent in the photo below has a huge effect on your senses

restaurant space

6. Acoustics

Lastly, acoustics you may thank that is not important (false). When it comes to the volume, controlling which you will play the music is the trickiest thing to do. While too loud can increase noise, too soft can make people think that diners can hear them and so make them awkward. We advise that you use acoustic control techniques like false ceilings, carpets, or curtains. But the music you play also depends on your surroundings and customers.

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