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Bahr Al Ibdaa Decor has been among the pioneers in the interior & exterior Design industry in Dubai for the past 18 years. We believe in delivering elegant and long-lasting service both financially and aesthetically for their owners and end-users. We understand the relationship between people and space. Therefore we endeavour to create environments that support these new working practices, helping your organization evolve and thrive. With a strong team of design architects, Project   Managers, Supervisors, Foreman, and skilled artisans, we are the best interior design company in Dubai that deliver aesthetic and economical solutions for optimum space utilization and productivity.

How Bahr Al Ibdaa Decor Best Interior Designing Company in Dubai

Experienced team

Our experienced interior designing team can help design your home or business to its full potential. We will work with you to create a vision for the space and then work together to ensure the design will come to life.


A strong portfolio

When designing and remodeling homes, our company has a reputation for providing high-quality and affordable interior design services in Dubai. In addition, we have experience in working with small, medium, and large-scale customers.

Affordable prices

As experienced interior designers, we specialize in a wide range of services suitable for any budget. Our interior design services are at affordable prices, and we specialize in personalizing your space with our professional design and remodelling services. As a result, we create designs that meet your specific needs and budget.


Refinement in Designing

Refinement in Designing in Interior Design specializes in the creation of residential, commercial, and beauty saloon projects. Bahr Al Ibdaa Decor offers its clients a full range of interior design services, including room planning, design, consultation, designing, and installation.

Our Services

We are the best interior design company in Dubai, with a team of experienced interior designers who help individuals, families, and businesses create spaces more reflective of their lifestyles. Our services include all aspects of interior design and decoration. We specialize in making every home that suits the personality of each client. We offer high-end finishes and luxury furniture to our clients. Check out our services!

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Our Recent Projects

In a revolution in design and decoration, we make our customers' projects according to modern styles. Our latest interior design projects are diverse and innovative. We have been helping our customers find the perfect decorating style for over a decade. Bahr Al Ibdaa Decor showcases a variety of projects. We provide quality interior design services to our clients. Our experts focus on the perfect design according to the customer's requirements and are budget oriented.

Awards Winning Interior Design Company Dubai

We are ready to fulfill your design dreams. Contact us for free styling advice or a quotation to discuss before the deal. It's free!


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Why people choose us


Creativity in pace impresses human behaviour; therefore, our interior design projects are a large-scale expansion of our creative design capabilities.


We work with honesty, and every client treats like family. We take pride in our work and take on a challenge every day.


We design for the best customer experience possible and aim to give the client the best possible customer satisfaction.

Finest Quality

We have highly skilled and experienced professionals who are proficient and able to complete projects with modern and quality materials.

Time Saving

We promise you that our committed interior design projects will deliver on time. We will always keep in touch with you to ensure we meet your expectations.


We use a design process that helps us understand our client's vision to transform a space into a personal, comfortable, and elegant living space.


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Bahr Al Ibdaa Decor provides services for various needs, including designing, decorating, and creating. Our design and renovation company offers its services in Dubai. With 18+ years of experience in the field, we have worked with various homes, restaurants, beauty salons, and office fit-out services, from high-end to low-cost.

Interior design companies are businesses that provide interior decorating and design services. The company’s goal is to make a client’s home look attractive and attractive to others. In addition, these companies often offer design consultations, product recommendations, and budget planning. Bahr Al Ibdaa Decor is an Award Winning company in Dubai, in invested 18 years of success in this field.

Interior designers work to create the interior space of a home or office by choosing colours, textures, furnishings, and other design elements. They are experts in decorating, furnishing, and organizing rooms. In addition, they provide various, including colour consultations, product consultations, space planning, and furnishing selections.

It all depends on the space’s size and the design type you’re trying to accomplish. Interior design projects can take a few weeks to a few months. First, you’ll need to know the size of the space, the number of rooms and furniture pieces, and the project’s scope.

Bahr Al Ibdaa Decor is a luxury interior design company specializing in luxury design. In addition, we provide interior design services in Dubaibai. Our focus is on quality, excellence, and creativity, and we are constantly pushing the boundaries of the design industry to create innovative, cutting-edge designs. Visit our portfolio pages to see our portfolio page.

It can take a lot of time to create a design plan. The design process is not only creative but also technical and logical. Many factors go into making a plan, which can take hours or even a day to complete. Itessentialant to take your time and make sure that plan is well thought out and can do it perfectly.

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Our customers feedback!

Bahr Al Ibdaa Decor has helped transform our living area into an amazingly stylish, comfortable, and practical space! This platform connecting you with interior designers is hassle-free and gives you access to the resources and products that the interior designers have. I’d highly recommend using Bahr Al Ibdaa Decor as the experience was easy, and the end product – was precisely what we needed!

Chirly Winston

Wow! What a fabulous service. I am entirely clueless when decorating, but my designer stepped in and rescued me. I am still in awe that I know exactly what to do with my room, yet I have not even verbally spoken to the designer.